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Three People Killed in Shooting and Two Receive Wounds at Washington, DC According to a Police Chief

Shooting incident in Washington DC, 3 people killed and 2 wounded (Photo: iStock)

Three people killed in shooting and two others were sent to the hospital in a shooting on a street in the nation’s capital on Saturday night, according to authorities.

In Washington DC, three people killed in shooting and 2 wounded (Photo: iStock)

Around 8 p.m., police responded to gunfire sounds on the 1600 block of Good Hope Road Southeast, where they discovered five victims of gunshot wounds, 3 people killed in shooting .

According to a published article from U.S News, during a news conference at the incident of 2 wounded and three people killed in shooting, Acting Chief Pamela Smith of the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department reported that two men and a woman were declared dead at the scene and two males had been taken to local hospitals.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the hospitalized patients were doing.

“The District of Columbia does not tolerate this kind of gun violence where three people killed in shooting and two wounded. Not in a conflict zone here. Smith stated, “We want our residents to feel secure and protected.

Smith asked for help from the public in collecting information about what she called a disturbing cases like this three people killed in shooting.

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Police chief calls the people to be vigilant and provide information necessary to secure peace and protection in the neighborhood

In a recently published news from KSLTV, police chief stated, “We realize that there may be others who may have been injured tonight. We are asking you to come forward and give information in order to give justive to the three people killed in shooting,” Smith said, adding that the community needs to be involved in stopping the city’s violence. “It can’t rest upon the metropolitan police department to determine what works and what doesn’t work.”

Nine people were hurt last month while enjoying Independence Day in an area about 20 minutes drive east of the White House, in what was Washington’s second mass shooting.

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