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New York Doctor Charged For Drugging And Sexual Abuse Allegations And Filming Abused Victims

New York Doctor Charged For Drugging And Sexual Abuse Allegations And Filming Abused Victims | Adobe Stock

A doctor in New York City is facing sexual abuse allegations of drugging and secretly filming victims at his apartment and within the hospital.

A gastroenterologist in Queens, who was facing sexual abuse allegations.| Khaosod English

Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng, 33, had been fired last December from New York-Presbyterian Queens after his initial arrest over the sexual abuse allegations.

The gastroenterologist in New York City, who was facing sexual abuse allegations towards 3 women in his apartment, is now facing additional sexual abuse allegations charges. He has been accused of drugging multiple women and recording himself while sexually assaulting victims.

Prosecutors are saying that Cheng is charged sexual abuse allegations of him sexually abusing patients who all seem unconscious based on the videos the prosecutors recovered.

The sexual abuse allegations claim that the multiple victims are abused in both Cheng’s apartment and inside the hospital, 3 was abused in the apartment and 3 was abused in the hospital. Prosecutors are saying that aside from the identified victims of the said sexual abuse allegations, there seem to be more victims based on the recovered evidence from Cheng’s phone.

Cheng has been indicted by a grand jury on multiple charges including predatory assault, assault, abuse, criminal acts, unlawful surveillance, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of a weapon. He was previously charged with similar offenses of sexual abuse allegations for allegedly drugging and assaulting a female acquaintance at his home in Queens in 2022.

Cheng pleaded not guilty to new charges contained in a 50-count indictment over the sexual abuse allegations.

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Cheng’s medical license has been suspended by the state. He has been held without bail since his arrest over the sexual assault allegations, and if proven guilty, he will face multiple 25 years to life sentences.

Two legal firms, the Liakas Law, P.C. and the Slater Slater Schulman LLP, have filed a civil suit related to the sexual abuse allegations case, against the New York and Presbyterian Hospital and New York-Presbyterian/Queens in June. The firms filed the civil suit on behalf of Cheng’s 19-year-old victim, USA Today says.

The firms alleged that Cheng’s employers failed on taking proper action to address and prevent the sexual abuse allegations to continue further. The hospital was said to have failed on collecting forensic evidence, notify the police, take adequate medical notes or take any action over the sexual abuse allegations against Cheng after a 19-year-old victim complained to the hospital about Cheng doing an abnormally intrusive examinations on her and injecting her with something painful that made her to lose consciousness.

The New York-Presbyterian stated that in December 2022, as soon as they were made aware by the District Attorney about the said sexual abuse allegations against Cheng, he was immediately terminated and banned from the hospital property.

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The investigation related to the sexual abuse allegations cases against Cheng, is still ongoing.

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