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Dangerously Hot Excessive Heat Reaches 112-116 Degrees in South Florida

South Florida has been placed under a severe heat warning
South Florida has been placed under a severe heat warning

A weather warning was put forth in light of the intense heat from the sun. For the first time, the entire state of South Florida has been placed under a severe heat warning, encompassing the keys of Florida.

South Florida has been placed under a severe heat warning

South Florida has been placed under a severe heat warning. (Photo: Miami Herald)

National Weather Service Update


The National Weather Service upped the area’s temperature warning to an “excessive heat warning” until 7 p.m. Tuesday. Increased temperature precautions are predicted this coming week.

Physicians and first responders are recommending consumers take in sufficient liquids to counteract the high temperatures since heatstroke may happen if the circulatory system fails to stay adequately nourished.

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Heat Index in South Florida

A published report by the Miami Herald, when relative humidity and actual air temperature are combined, the heat index determines how hot it feels. When the heat index is projected to exceed 105 to 110 degrees for several hours, the weather service issues a warning message. When the heat index anticipates that temperatures will persist at 110 degrees or higher, a severe heat warning is posted.

In the throes of the “sweltering” temperature on Tuesday, the meteorological office forecasted a fifty percent of chance of rain, with a lower possibility on Wednesday and Thursday. Average temperatures in the atmosphere might smash benchmarks this week as they extend to the mid-to-upper-90s over South Florida, triggering additional humidity factor precautions.

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