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Food Stamp Program in Maine To Receive Its Monthly Payment for August in Two Days

Food Stamps to receive by Maine beneficiaries.
Food Stamps to receive by Maine beneficiaries. (Photo: Washington Examiner)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) delivers support to individuals with limited incomes in order to assist them purchase foodstuffs and allocates payments to qualified Maine households from the 10th to the 14th. Payments for this month are scheduled to be mounted onto claimants’ EBT cards on August 10.

Food Stamps to receive by Maine beneficiaries

Food Stamps to receive by Maine beneficiaries. (Photo: Washington Examiner)

Maine SNAP Beneficiaries


Maine SNAP beneficiaries are scheduled to start earning their monthly payouts for the month of August in two days.

People’s SNAP subsidies fluctuate based on an assortment of requirements, although the state estimates that the median payment per family is $168 per month. According to the state, roughly 161,800 persons in Maine qualify for the food assistance service.

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In a Washington Examiner published article, in the Pine Tree State, subsidies are handed out in accordance with a person’s birth date. Recipients born on August 10 or 9 are scheduled to get their compensation on August 10, whereas those born on August 1 or 8 will earn their payouts on August 11. Those born on days concluding in 2 or 3 are going to get the benefits on August 12, while those born on days ending in 4 or 7 will collect them on August 13. On August 14, anyone born on days ending in 5 or 6 will begin receiving their monthly payments.

In Maine, a person’s annual income cannot exceed $26,973 for a single person or $65,009 for a family of five. According to the state, approximately 161,800 individuals throughout Maine obtain food stamps from the government.

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