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Arizona Missing Persons Case: 1 Gunshot-Wounded Man, 2 Dead Bodies, Found

Arizona Missing Persons Case: 1 Gunshot-Wounded Man, 2 Dead Bodies, Found|iStock

During a Missing Persons Case investigation, Arizona deputies discovered a man who had been shot, along with two deceased individuals.

Arizona Missing Persons Case: 1 Gunshot-Wounded Man, 2 Dead Bodies, Found.|True Crime Daily

The investigation of the Missing Persons Case of a father and son in Arizona currently turned in a fast-paced and uncertain state.

A man from Maricopa County, Arizona, who disappeared in July, has been found with gunshot wounds, during a Missing Persons Case investigation. Unfortunately, his father, who is also missing, has not been found yet. During the Missing Persons Case search for the two men, authorities discovered two dead bodies.

Chad Holvig, a resident of Tonopah, was last seen leaving his home on July 4 to visit his son, Dalton Holvig. His family became worried when they did not hear from him after July 6, which was unusual. As a result, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office initiated a Missing Persons Case investigation into Chad’s disappearance on July 11, under the leadership of Sheriff Paul Penzone.

Dalton, Chad Holvig’s son, who went missing after being last seen by family members in his Goodyear home on July 10 and during a Missing Persons Case investigation, Detectives have obtained a search warrant for a residential property in Goodyear as part of the investigation.

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During the execution of a search warrant, deputies discovered Dalton who had multiple gunshot wound along with two deceased individuals, while conducting a Missing Persons Case search in the property.

According to the police, Dalton is alive but the details of his injuries have not been disclosed. However, Chad is still missing and the Missing Persons Case investigation is ongoing, with authorities taking a proactive and flexible approach to the case.

According to AZ Central, Officials have not disclosed the identities of the found individuals during the Missing Persons Case investigation. However, according to the sheriff’s statement, two individuals have been arrested on charges not related to the discovery of human remains. Additionally, law enforcement has recovered multiple weapons and other potential evidence.

Chad’s last contact with his family on July 6 was considered unusual by the Sheriff’s Office. However, no further details or updates on Chad’s Missing Persons Case were provided.

READ MORE|Arizona deputies find man suffering from gunshot wounds, 2 bodies, during missing persons investigation

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