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Be Vigilant in Alabama’s Dangerous Areas!

Be careful in these dangerous cities in Alabama.
Be careful in these dangerous cities in Alabama. (Photo: Southwest Journal)

Anywhere we depart, it is indispensable to recognize the places to remain protected whilst enjoying time. Alabama, famed for its vivid and vibrant past, supplies an intriguing lens into the genesis of the United States. Tourists to Alabama ought to use vigilance in these specific zones.

Be careful in these dangerous cities in Alabama

Be careful in these dangerous cities in Alabama. (Photo: Travel Safe-Abroad)

Stay on the risky cities in Alabama

Anniston, located in northeast Alabama, is sadly known as one of the most unsafe communities in the state of Alabama. Considering everyone resident and visitor have a one in ten likelihood to turn into the target of criminal activity, it is suggested to regulate operations throughout both the day and the night and steer clear of the town completely if feasible.

Fairfield’s crime rate, encompassing including aggressive and burglary of property, has remained consistently elevated over the past few years. Activities throughout daylight hours usually stay secure, although precaution is advised at night, especially planned conveyance recommended.

Boasting an estimated population of generally 26,800, it occupies a spot in Birmingham’s southern district and is renowned for its abundant supplies of limestone, a rock iron ore, and lignite. Yet, notwithstanding a twenty-five percent decrease in recent years, it remains the sixth most dangerous place to live in Alabama owing to the area’s elevated level of criminal activity. Downtown, Ensley, and Norwood are notorious for assault by gangs and should be shunned if any way conceivable. Suburban areas, on the contrary hand, frequently feel healthier and have better accessibility to transportation options.

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Be Vigilant at all times

Prichard is the 12th poorest neighborhood to reside in the United States. The daytime recreational activities are somewhat secure, but evening activities ought to be averted, particularly for solitary female travelers.

In a published article by Southwest Journal, although Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, provides numerous secure and active communities, there are nonetheless certain areas with higher crime rates. Downtown, Ensley, and Norwood are notorious for criminal activity and should be avoided, particularly during the evening. It is advised to wander around the city’s suburbs, which typically present a more secure atmosphere, and consider making use of efficient transportation options to choose from.

These Alabama regions should be properly executed with vigilance and alertness. Security is essential in all travel situations.

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