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Dangerous Cities in Hawaii: Be Careful and Mindful!

Dangerous Cities in Hawaii.
Dangerous Cities in Hawaii. (Photo: ESTA)

Hawaii has a lot to offer in terms of scenic elegance, with blue and turquoise dunes that are captivating. Individuals tour and fly quite frequently these days; consequently, it’s of the utmost importance to understand where we’re headed. Visitors face a dilemma when entering hazardous cities, towns, and streets. Here are the unsafe cities in Hawaii that every visitor ought to be mindful of!

Dangerous Cities in Hawaii

Dangerous Cities in Hawaii. (Photo: Travel Safe-Abroad)

Be Careful while traveling


Seeing that there are plenty of charming towns in Hawaii that are worth browsing, it is essential to be knowledgeable of these cities that have provided lovely areas to explore and wonder how dangerous this place is that we must be cautious about.

Basically, wherever we travel, it is essential that visitors understand the concept of being observant and looking at things closely to be able to take pleasure and leave the location full of satisfaction. Hawaii is a lovely place, and these cities are equally so.

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Dangerous Cities in Hawaii

According to a published article by Travel Safe Abroad, the city of Hilo, with a population of around 45,600, has staggering crime rates 70% higher than the national average; in Waianae, violence is so detrimental that government officials advise individuals that they should remain home in the evening and not venture to the beaches; Kahului, where 12.18% of all daily crimes in Maui occur in Kahului.

In Napili-Honokowai, a small town of only 6,700 residents, 10% of the overall population stays beneath the poverty threshold, supplying to the high property-related crime rate of 19.38 incidences per 1,000 people; Makaha, where the greatest risk to the police department involves illicit substances, criminal syndicates, and assets wrongdoing; Waimea, with only a population of 10,770, Waimea is on the Big Island and has a total crime rate of 3,652 per 100,000 residents; according to travel safe abroad, property crime in Ewa Beach, like many other locations on this list, is higher than violent crime in Ewa Beach, owing to high drug usage among inhabitants.

Indeed, we must exercise extreme caution wherever we go.

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