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Russian President Vladimir Putin Plans To Attend the G20 Summit Meeting With Western Leaders

Putin weights to attend the G20 summit with Western leaders.
Putin weights to attend the G20 summit with Western leaders. (Photo: CNBC)

Russian President Vladimir Putin is mulling over if to participate in his first face-to-face meeting with Western leaders given that his troops attacked Ukraine in the year 2022.

Putin weights to attend the G20 summit with Western leaders

Putin weights to attend the G20 summit with Western leaders. (Photo: NBC News)

Putin’s decision to attend the G20 Summit


Putin, who currently has faced the additional danger of being grilled over presumed crimes against humanity in Ukraine, was previously eschewing overseas appearances. For the pandemic periods between 2020 and 2021, he addressed G20 meetings via video conference. Putin failed to attend the 2022 event in Bali, Indonesia, wherein other global leaders vented against Russia’s occupation of their border.

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, NATO member Poland is currently making arrangements to bolster its armed forces, and the minister envisions large NATO employees and armaments to be stationed in Finland.

Similarly, the individual who consumed it stated that Putin is keen to win over countries that aren’t fully behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Evaluation of Various Countries

Putin declined to attend the event in Bali in 2022 after foreign leaders condemned Russia’s war. The announcement comes just one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin committed to beef up border defenses in response to a surge in unmanned assaults.

In a published article by NBC News, attending would entail significant risks for an official who is accustomed to stage-managed press conferences at home and summits overseas with friendly nations such as Belarus, China, and Central Asian states, in which he seldom confronts challenging inquiries in person. It’s a high-stakes move for the Russian beleaguered leadership.

The G20 summit next month has begun to gear up to be one of the most divisive in years, and it is going to act as an evaluation of numerous countries’ genuine stances on Ukraine.

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