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Hallsville ISD Wants to Balance The Budget and Cut Taxes

Hallsville ISD's proposed budget decreases $6.84 million from last year's $214.2 million. (Photo: Marshall News Messenger)

The trustees of Hallsville ISD are debating whether to adopt a $207.36 million to balance the budget with a lower proposed tax rate for the 2023–24 academic year.

The trustees of Hallsville ISD are debating whether to adopt $207.36 million to balance the budget with a lower suggested tax rate (Photo: Fincash)

A total tax rate of $0.7982 per $100 valuation is proposed for the district to balance the budget, which includes a proposed $0.6832 rate for maintenance and operations (M&O) costs and a proposed $0.1150 rate for interest and sinking (I&S) expenses related to debt obligations.

This proposal has a lower total tax rate, previously set at $1.0064, compared to the prior year. Additionally, there is a decrease in the M&O rate ($0.8914, compared to $0.8914 last year) and no change in the I&S rate ($0.1150).

The proposed total budget for Hallsville ISD’s 2023–24 fiscal school year is $207.36 million, which is a decrease of an estimated $6.84 million from the $214.2 million adopted total budget from the previous year in order to balance the budget and cut taxes.

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The Harrison Central Appraisal District’s proposed $312.08 to balance the budget and reduces average taxable values, resulting in a decrease in taxes owed for residential properties.

Hallsville has built a new elementary campus, a performing arts center at the high school, and updated its buildings, parking lots, roads, and bus fleet since a $55 million bond was approved in 2019. The current proposed budget for 2023 includes spending $250,000 on the purchase of two brand-new school buses. As part of the budget, the district is also taking updates to the long-term facilities and maintenance plan into consideration. There are currently no budget cuts for programs or equipment.

The Hallsville ISD school board is currently debating a number of options for pay and benefits for the upcoming fiscal year that might be incorporated in order to balance the budget and cut taxes. Mary Brown, the Hallsville ISD’s assistant superintendent of finance, talked about the effects of the uncertainty surrounding legislative special sessions and how the district is preparing to comply with potential finance laws.

Currently, Monday, August 21 at 5:30 p.m. is the scheduled time for the open budget hearing. at the Board Room for the Hallsville ISD, 300 Willow St., Hallsville, TX 75650. The budget will also be voted on by the board that same day at 6:30 p.m. during the regularly scheduled school board meeting.

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