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Latest August Weather Report; Watch Out For Potential Tropical Development In The Atlantic

Latest August Weather Report; Watch Out For Potential Tropical Development In The Atlantic|The Weather Channel

For the latest August weather report forecasters will be closely monitoring certain areas in the Atlantic for possible tropical development this week, following a period of relative calm in the region.

Latest August Weather Report; Watch Out For Potential Tropical Development In The Atlantic|iStock

For the latest August weather report, as the peak of hurricane season is approaching, it is expected that there will be an increase in activity.

Currently for August weather report; there are a few areas in the Atlantic to monitor for potential hurricane development, although the chances are currently low.

Multiple systems in the Pacific Ocean are currently being monitored, namely Tropical Storm Greg and Hurricane Fernanda based on Fox News August weather report. Another system called Hilary could develop soon and potentially bring troubles to California sometime next week sa Fox News for August weather report.

In the August weather report, a significant amount of heat has focused on the southern United States. However, there is also a new heat wave occurring in the Pacific Northwest, which is particularly risky because many homes in that region are not prepared for extreme temperatures.

In the southern states where air conditioning is more prevalent, the intense heat has slightly moved.

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Heat alerts are now in place from southern Texas to the Carolinas, per August weather report.

According to NBC2’s latest August weather report, there is no active tropical activity in the western Gulf of Mexico. However, in the upcoming week, there is a possibility of a low-pressure system forming in that area.

While this system is not expected to significantly affect the weather in Florida, Texas and Mexico should closely monitor this potential development, the August weather report added.

NBC2’s latest August weather report added that the other two areas of interest are tropical waves coming off Africa’s western coast which is a common area for development in August and September.

NBC2’s latest August weather report also noted that chances for development have for both disturbances increased to a medium chance. And it is far too early to determine its tracks or intensity but as of now, it poses no threat to the U.S.

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