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The Recent Wildfires In Hawaii Were Seen From The Satellite Imagery By The International Space Station

The Recent Wildfires In Hawaii Were Seen From The Satellite Imagery By The International Space Station|Sky News

The recent wildfires in Hawaii were seen from the satellite imagery taken by the International Space Station (ISS), revealing the aftermath of wildfires in Hawaii that occurred four days prior.

The Recent Wildfires In Hawaii Were Seen From The Satellite Imagery By The International Space Station|BBC

The photo depicting the wildfires in Hawaii was captured from a distance of about 259 miles (417 km) above the Pacific Ocean.

As of August 16, the toll of the catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii has risen to more than 100. Governor Josh Green expressed his sadness and sympathy, stating that they are deeply saddened by the extensive damages and losses caused by the wildfires in Hawaii.

Other Earth-orbiting devices, like the NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite and Europe’s Sentinel-2 Earth-observing spacecraft, were also able to capture images of the tragic wildfires in Hawaii.

Although the exact cause of the wildfires in Hawaii was yet to be determined, experts are already looking onto some factors that could have caused the said wildfires in Hawaii.

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Thousands of Hawaiian residents have been forced to leave their homes because of the disastrous wildfires in Hawaii. 

Additionally, there are currently over a thousand people who are still missing, following the wildfires in Hawaii.

According to NASA, certain local factors like abandoned sugar plantations and non-native grasses on Maui could have contributed to the wildfires in Hawaii. However, they emphasized that climate change is also undoubtedly a factor that caused the wildfires in Hawaii.

According to WION, Hawaii is still conducting search and rescue operations after the devastating wildfires in Hawaii destroyed the town of Lahaina in Maui. The wildfires in Hawaii caused over a hundred casualties and left thousands of people homeless or without properties.

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