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Most Dangerous Cities in Connecticut for 2023

Connecticut is the 29th largest state with a population of 3.5 million people. Its capital, Hartford, is only its fourth most populous city with Bridgeport, Stamford, and New Haven all having a higher population.

Connecticut is one of the safest states in America, but here are its most dangerous cities. (Photo: The Wolf)

According to RoadSnacks, the most dangerous cities are located in Connecticut, which has its fair share of them. The ten most dangerous cities in Connecticut for 2022 are listed below after we did the unthinkable and made the list.

The study analyzed 93 cities and 93 communities with over 7,000 residents to determine violent and property crime rates. Results showed an increase in both over the past four years.

Connecticut is a safer state with declining crime numbers, with a 10% drop in total violent crime. But here are the most dangerous cities of Connecticut, such as Bridgeport, which has the highest property and violent crime rates in the state’s history.

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We examined the FBI crime statistics to pinpoint the most dangerous cities in Connecticut rather than relying solely on conjecture. The top ten most hazardous locations in The Nutmeg State are as a result, and they are as follows:

1. New Haven

Population: 130, 494
Violent Crimes per 100,000 – 895
Homicides – 13

Downtown New Haven, Connecticut (Photo: iStock)

New Haven, the third-largest city in Connecticut, has a higher violent crime rate than Stamford, with a 246 per 100,000 robbery rate and the highest property crime rate of 3,799 incidents per 100,000 people.

After being incorporated for the first time in 1784, New Haven quickly earned the nickname “The Arsenal Of America.” Here is where Samuel Colt created the automatic revolver, and the city has also been home to Oliver Winchester and O.F. M&S Mossberg. Additionally, New Haven was renowned for producing silver and brass goods.

2. Hartford

Population 122,245
Violent crimes per 100,000 – 858
Homicides 21

Skyline of downtown Hartford, Connecticut from above Charter Oak Landing. (Photo: iStock)

Hartford, Connecticut’s fourth-most populous city, has a high homicide and property crime rate, with 858 violent crimes per 100,000 people, double the national average.

Hartford, once the wealthiest city in the US, now faces poverty with 30% of families living below the poverty line. The city experienced significant floods and fires in 1909 and 1944 but has since rebounded.

3. Bridgeport

Population 144,908
Violent crimes per 100,000 582
Homicides 17

Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most populous city, had 148,654 inhabitants in 2020. (Photo: Pixabay)


Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most populous city, has the third most dangerous violent crime rate, 582 per 100,000, and the highest robbery rate (271 incidents per 100,000 people). It also has the second-highest homicide rate in the state.

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Bridgeport, once a thriving city with P.T. Barnum as mayor, faced high crime and poverty rates after World War II. Redevelopment efforts have begun, but violent crime rates remain high.

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