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Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield Files a Petition to Investigate Potential Investment Theft of $12 Million

Mayfield petition seeks clarity on couple's investment, claiming they haven't received information, claiming it's their best chance for transparency and potential returns. (Photo: BUCS REPORT)

Many members of the Mayfield family are employed by the company that handled the $12 million in investments.

Kyle Trask and the Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield are vying for Tampa Bay’s starting job at quarterback. However, the drama is really escalating off the field. (Photo: MARCA)

According to KXAN in Austin, Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily Mayfield have petitioned the Travis County Court District through their attorneys to learn more about the alleged misappropriation of $12 million by a regional investment firm. Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield’s family includes several employees at the questioned company.

The six defendants, including Camwood Capital Management Group and Camwood Ventures, are required by the petition to provide financial records going back to 2018. Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield and Emily Mayfield want to know more about the whereabouts of their $12 million investment over the previous five years.

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According to the petition, “Petitioners simply do not know if their money has been properly and competently invested, has been stolen or otherwise misappropriated, or something in between,”

The Mayfields claim they’ve been “denied access to this information” and have made the decision to take more formal action to obtain transparency. According to the petition, “it is too early to know” whether or not a lawsuit will be necessary. The Mayfields will decide that once they have more information about the circumstance.

In his NFL career, Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield, who was chosen first overall by the Cleveland Browns in the 2018 NFL Draft, has made just over $48 million, according to Spotrac. Buccaneers’ Baker Mayfield, who will play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the first time this year, is currently vying with Kyle Trask for the starting job.

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