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Hurricane Hilary Is Expected To Cause Catastrophic, Life-Threatening Flooding To US Southwest

Hurricane Hilary Is Expected To Cause Catastrophic, Life-Threatening Flooding To US Southwest|CNN

According to forecasts, Hurricane Hilary was anticipated to cause extremely dangerous flooding in the southwestern region of the United States, posing a serious threat to life and property.

Hurricane Hilary Is Expected To Cause Catastrophic, Life-Threatening Flooding To US Southwest|CNN

Southern California is under a tropical storm warning, indicating the potential arrival of Hurricane Hilary in the area.

Tropical storm warnings have been issued for over 42 million people in Southern California. Hurricane Hilary is predicted to be the first to hit the area since Nora in 1997.

Hurricane Hilary has moved into cooler waters and is beginning to weaken and has been downgraded to a category 2 hurricane. Hurricane Hilary now had sustained winds of up to 110 mph, as of Saturday afternoon.

Hurricane Hilary is currently situated around 285 miles south-southeast of Punta Eugenia, Mexico, and 640 miles south-southeast of San Diego, California. Hurricane Hilary is slowly moving at a speed of 17 mph towards the north-northwest direction.

As Hurricane Hilary progresses, it will gradually lose strength due to colder water conditions and its proximity to land.

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Hurricane Hilary hit the Baja California peninsula in Mexico on Sunday.

Hurricane Hilary reached the Baja California peninsula in Mexico and is expected to cause severe flooding, posing a threat to the region and parts of the southwestern United States, according to the National Hurricane Center, NBC News reports.

NBC News added that forecasters have issued warning about potentially dangerous flooding and strong winds in areas that are not accustomed to heavy rain due to hurricane Hilary. Additionally, the National Weather Service reported that a number of records for daily rainfall were broken in the Los Angeles area on Sunday because of Hurricane Hilary.

On Saturday, in the surge of hurricane Hilary, a drowning incident occurred in Santa Rosalia, a town in Mexico. Unfortunately, one person lost their life, but rescue workers were able to save four others.

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