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Perseverance Mars Rover Captured Massive Sunspot To Be Visible In The Coming Days

Perseverance Mars Rover Captured Massive Sunspot To Be Visible In The Coming Days|Newsweek

The Perseverance Mars rover uses its Mastcam-Z camera to take pictures of the sun every day in order to measure the amount of dust in the Martian atmosphere.

Perseverance Mars Rover Captured Massive Sunspot To Be Visible In The Coming Days|NASA Mars Exploration

Recently, Perseverance Mars rover captured images of a large sunspot moving across the surface of the sun.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover was able to capture an image of several sunspots on August 17, 2023.

According to, the Perseverance Mars rover has an advantage in observing sunspots due to its orbit position. Being on the opposite side of the sun from us, Perseverance Mars rover can detect sunspots earlier than we can by more than a week.

Recent photos captured Perseverance Mars rover showcase a significant sunspot approaching, serving as a warning for us to expect its arrival in about a week.

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NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover new job is to hunt for hidden sunspots that may be dangerous to Earth.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover is in an ideal position to capture images of large sunspots, which have the potential to release strong solar storms, according to Live Science. These sunspots may not yet be observable from Earth, but the positioning of the Perseverance Mars rover allows it to capture pictures before they become visible to us.

Perseverance Mars rover captures images with a low resolution that can only identify sunspots larger than 9,300 miles in diameter, similar to 1.2 Earths. However, this is still sufficient for the Perseverance Mars rover to detect around 40% of sunspots and effectively warn against potentially dangerous ones.

Thus, when Mars is in the correct position, Perseverance Mars rover becomes a valuable tool in conjunction with helioseismology, Live Science added.

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