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Astronomers Discovered The T.Tauri Star Blasting High Energy Gamma Rays: A Step Forward In Astronomy

Astronomers Discovered The T. Tauri Star Blasting High Energy Gamma Rays: A Step Forward In Astronomy|iStock

Astronomers have recently observed young star called the T.Tauri star emitting powerful bursts of energy called high-energy gamma rays for the first time.

Astronomers Discovered The T.Tauri Star Blasting High Energy Gamma Rays: A Step Forward In Astronomy| Orion’s Arm

The discovery of T.Tauri star is a significant new discovery in the field of astronomy.

The low-mass T.Tauri star that belts gamma radiation is said to be only less than 10 million years old.

The recent observation of T.Tauri star has shown that the small star called T.Tauri star, which is typically surrounded by a disk of gas and dust that forms planets, can release gamma radiation. This finding is significant because it is the first evidence of such a phenomenon.

The said type of radiation that the T.Tauri star releases represent the most energetic form of light therefore, these findings could be important inferences for our understanding of stars and planetary systems during their developmental years.

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Astronomers used the Fermi satellite telescope to study T.Tauri star by capturing observations in gamma rays.

Agostina Filócomo, an astronomer at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, led a team in the search for T.Tauri star in NGC 2071 which is part of the molecular cloud Orion B which is located approximately 1,350 light years away from Earth.

The T.Tauri star is still a young star that is currently in the process of forming.

Astronomer Agostina Filócomo concluded that the discovery of the T.Tauri star phenomenon can help us understand the formation and evolution of not only the sun, but also of the Earth.

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