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Climate Change Threat: Extreme Heat Waves Prompts Schools To Change Schedules

Climate Change Threat: Extreme Heat Waves Prompts Schools To Change Schedules |Harvard Health

Due to broken or non-existent air conditioning, schools had to alter their schedules due to the extreme heat waves known as the “heat dome.”

Climate Change Threat: Extreme Heat Waves Prompts Schools To Change Schedules|CDC

Extreme heat waves became a frequent occurrent in the U.S.

Due to the scorching extreme heat waves, school districts in various parts of the country are making changes to their schedules due to issues with cooling systems in buildings.

Amid the extreme heat waves, the said cooling systems are either not functioning properly or being completely absent making it hard to maintain cool temperatures within the premises as extreme heat waves rages.

Several school districts in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, and other states have either shut down or released students early due to the extreme heat waves.

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The National Weather Service has reported that millions of people are being impacted by the extreme heat waves.

Extreme heat waves, which used to be uncommon in regions such as the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest, are now suffering from the unbearable extreme heat waves during the transition from spring to summer and also when classes begin in August or September, the Washington Post reports.

Washington Post added that air conditioning is crucial in many parts of the South, including schools which usually had centralized cooling systems. However, due to extreme heat waves, upgrades to these systems might be necessary.

According to experts, the problems related to the extreme heat waves is getting worse. In fact, the past seven consecutive years have been the hottest years ever recorded.

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