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Pine Bluff Man Receives Life Sentence for September 2020 Double Homicide

Bryant Smith. 36, Suspect accused of committing a murder discovered in Kansas. Source: KARK

In a swift and decisive trial, Bryant Smith, a resident of Pine Bluff  , has been handed a life sentence without the possibility of parole. The jury, after a mere 1½ hours of deliberation, found Smith also known as  ‘Pine Bluff Man’ guilty of a litany of charges, including two counts of capital murder, attempted capital murder, and various terroristic acts involving firearms.

Pine Bluff Man Receives Life Sentence for September 2020 Double Homicide (Photo: The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Bryant Smith ‘Pine Bluff Man’, 36, Found Guilty of Multiple Charges

In a riveting turn of events unveiled by the Arkansas Democrat Gazette,  August 25, 2023, a conclusion to a three-day trial, Bryant Smith, a Pine Bluff man, has seen Bryant Smith,   a resident of Pine Bluff, handed a life sentence without the chance of parole in the state penitentiary. This judgment was delivered within the hallowed halls of Judge Alex Guynn’s 11th West Judicial Circuit Courtroom. At 36 years old, Smith’s fate was sealed on a Wednesday evening when a jury, deliberating for a mere hour and a half, unanimously declared him guilty on a multitude of charges, including two counts of capital murder, attempted capital murder, and an array of other offenses such as acts of terror and reckless discharge of a firearm.

This verdict marks a seismic moment in the Pine Bluff community, long held in the grip of the unsettling ‘Pine Bluff Man’ saga. The roots of Smith’s conviction trace back to a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on September 3, 2020, a day etched in infamy. On that fateful day, Smith was embroiled in a premeditated and calculated shooting spree that tragically claimed the lives of Emonya Moten and Kavon Mitchell, while Cedric LaPoole was left battling for his life with grievous injuries.

In an already fraught atmosphere, it was speculated that the incident bore connections to local gang activities, deepening the trauma that had befallen the community. The jury’s decisive pronouncement, which translated into life sentences for the gravest of felonies (Class Y) and 40-year terms for Class B felonies, has finally ushered a modicum of solace to the families of the victims and the beleaguered Pine Bluff Man community.

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Pine Bluff Man Case: Justice Served on Multiple Accounts

A recent  report by  KARK, sheds more light on the meticulous investigation undertaken by the Pine Bluff Police Department, ultimately pinpointing Smith, a prominent figure in the Pine Bluff Man narrative, as the mastermind behind the fatal events of September 3, 2020. In the wake of these grave allegations, Smith managed to evade law enforcement for a time, leading authorities on a pursuit that ended in Kansas. Subsequently, he was extradited back to Jefferson County to confront the litany of charges that have now culminated in his life imprisonment.

Significantly, Smith faced a gamut of charges beyond the harrowing capital murder convictions. These encompassed attempted capital murder, multiple counts of acts of terror, the reckless discharge of a firearm from a moving vehicle, and the unauthorized utilization of property to facilitate criminal acts.

The jury’s unambiguous verdict, finding Smith guilty on all counts, has irrevocably sealed his fate, consigning him to a life behind bars without the prospect of parole within the confines of the Arkansas Department of Corrections for the heinous capital murder charges. In addition, he has been met with further sentencing, including a life term for the attempted capital murder and 40-year sentences for each of the other ancillary charges, etching a substantial chapter in the relentless pursuit of justice within the annals of Pine Bluff’s history.

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