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Revamping the Defense Health Agency: Addressing the Imbalance of Managers and Providers

The Defense Health Agency is advised reassess its administrative framework for the benefit of the military personnel and their families. (Photo from iStock)

The Government Accountability Office has recommended that the Defense Health Agency thoroughly reassess its administrative framework and prioritize the task of ensuring that military treatment facilities are adequately staffed following the completion of the Department of Defense’s health system reorganization.


The Defense Health Agency is advised reassess its administrative framework for the benefit of the military personnel and their families. (Photo from iStock)

This evaluation is crucial to address any potential shortcomings and optimize the functioning of the defense healthcare system.

By focusing on staffing requirements, the Defense Health Agency can guarantee that military treatment facilities have the necessary personnel to provide high-quality healthcare services to military personnel and their families.

This reevaluation of Defense Health Agency will contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the defense healthcare system, ultimately benefiting the well-being and medical needs of those serving in the military.

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In 2016, Congress initiated significant reforms to the military health system, leading to a shift in the priorities of the military medical commands.

The primary focus of these commands became the support and care of active-duty military personnel, as well as the training necessary for military missions. On the other hand, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) took on the responsibility of providing healthcare services to non-military beneficiaries within military facilities.

Additionally, the Defense Health Agency aimed to streamline various programs that were previously duplicated across the separate Army, Navy, and Air Force medical commands. These programs included administration, information technology (IT), logistics, and training. By consolidating these functions, the Defense Health Agency aimed to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering healthcare services to both military and non-military individuals.

As part of the reforms, a significant step was taken in November 2022 with the transfer of approximately 700 military hospitals, clinics, and dental clinics from the Army, Navy, and Air Force to new management. This transfer marked a crucial milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance the healthcare system within the military. The meticulous completion of this process highlighted the commitment and dedication of all involved in ensuring a smooth transition.

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