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El Chapo Writes a Letter To The Judge Asking For His Wife and Daughters to Visit Him in SuperMax Prison

Guzman, convicted of murder and drug charges, seeks extradition to Mexico. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Emma Coronel Aispuro, a former teenage beauty queen, is wed to Joaquin Guzman.

El Chapo seeks wife and daughters to visit him in SuperMax prison. (Photo: France 24)

According to ABC7 News, the drug offender who was convicted sent a letter about his wife to the federal judge hearing his case. She wants to visit him in SuperMax prison, but because she is also a drug offender, it is unlikely that they will be spooning in his cell anytime soon.

Some of the most dangerous and despicable criminals in the world are housed in the American SuperMax prison, which is located beneath the Rockies.

Only a few people are as dangerous as Joaquin Guzman. The ruthless Sinaloa cartel’s 66-year-old billionaire leader has written a new letter, which has been translated into English and added to Chapo’s court file.

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Chapo requests permission from the judge in a letter to allow his wife and daughters to visit him in SuperMax prison.

According to CBS news, the drug lord mentions that his wife, Emma Colonel Aispuro, will be able to travel to Colorado on September 13 when her court probation expires.

He is subject to what are known as special administrative measures, which are extremely restrictive measures put in place against the most high-risk prisoners, the ones that pose the greatest danger of running a criminal enterprise or posing a threat to other people. It is unlikely that he will receive what he is requesting, according to a former federal prosecutor and ABC7’s Chief Legal Analyst.

Rules forbid wearing spandex, revealing shorts, halter tops, or clothing that makes an inmate appear, even if the family is ever permitted to visit him in SuperMax prison.

Few of the 100,000 federal prisoners across the country, according to Soffer, are subjected to the strictest lockdown regulations.

The risk with someone like him said Soffer, “is that he’s going to try to do something nefarious through his wife, and that’s the concern here. It would make sense for him to make these requests, but the risk is with somebody like him… This is someone who escaped from prison once before.

Federal agents claim that even though El Chapo is serving a life sentence in the Alcatraz-like SuperMax prison in the United States, his Sinaloa drug cartel continues to dominate the sale of illegal drugs on Chicago’s streets.

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Four of Chapo’s many sons, the so-called Los Chapitos, are allegedly in charge, according to U.S. law enforcement. They can be captured for enormous rewards.

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