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Idalia Briefly Intensifies to Category 4 Hurricane; Will It Be Another Terrible “I’s”?

Idalia Briefly Intensifies to Category 4 Hurricane; Will It Be Another Terrible “I’s”?|BBC

Former Category 4 Hurricane, Idalia is currently moving through the Gulf of Mexico, causing concerns for the west coast of Florida.

Idalia Briefly Intensifies to Category 4 Hurricane; Will It Be Another Terrible “I’s”?|WMAR

To prepare for the potential impact of the previously Category 4 Hurricane, widespread evacuations are taking place.

If the former category 4 hurricane reaches land, it may join the devastating hurricanes Ian from 2022 and Irma from 2017 in the unfortunate “I” category.

Hurricane name lists are used for six years, but if a storm is extremely deadly or costly like a Category 4 hurricane, the World Metrological Organization will retire its name to avoid any insensitivity in the future, as stated by the National Hurricane Center.

To name a few Category 4 hurricanes that start with the letter I, we have the Category 4 hurricane, Ian, the Category 4 hurricane, Ida, the Category 4 hurricane, Iota, Category 4 hurricane, Irma.

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The aforementioned Category 4 hurricanes are just some of the many major storms that start with the letter I and was retired.

Hurricane Idalia has recently become a Category 4 hurricane with winds of 130 mph, making it extremely dangerous. However, it has since weakened into a Category 3 hurricane, CNN reports.

Although Hurricane Idalia has slightly weakened, to Category 3 from a Category 4 Hurricane, the dangers posed by the hurricane remain significant, CNN added.

Hurricane Idalia is said to be the strongest storm to make a landfall in the Big Bend region for over 125 years.

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