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Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania

A borough in Allegheny County in Western Pennsylvania, United States, along the south bank of the Ohio River, McKees Rocks—also referred to as "The Rocks"—is located. However the city is included on the list of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The third-oldest state in the nation, Pennsylvania, has had centuries to work out any kinks. Some creases, however, cling on like a tenacious old shirt. Here are some of the Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, a diverse mountainous state with a rich history, is livable but often ranks in the top 15 states for crime. So here’s a list of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. (Photo: iStock)

The Keystone State has its share of dangerous locations, despite its significant historical and cultural significance.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Not the kind of danger where you cross the street before the pedestrian light turns green. No, we’re talking about the kind of danger that earns you a spot on WTAE at six in prime time.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania we’ll discuss have experienced a fair share of carjackings, robberies in broad daylight, and daily shootings. Some areas are so dangerous that avoiding them at all times of day or night is preferable.

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You may be thinking, “Oh, it’s got to be Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, right? Hold your horses, though. Pennsylvania has successfully distributed its fair share of chaos in its infinite wisdom.

Every city is bringing something to the pandemonium potluck, making it similar to a potluck.

According to TravelSafe Abroad, Let me reassure you that all is not lost before you start packing your bags. These cities have pockets of tranquility and prosperity, with communities and retail establishments working to improve living conditions.

Not to mention, Pennsylvania is the state with the sixth-highest population density. With so many people gathered together, especially Pennsylvanians, some trouble is bound to break out.

So, if you’re interested in learning which Pennsylvania cities have more drama than a “The Office” episode starring Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, strap in. The most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania for 2023 are about to be visited.

This is a guide, not just a list, to assist you in choosing where to settle down in Pennsylvania.


One: McKees Rocks

A borough in Allegheny County in Western Pennsylvania, United States, along the south bank of the Ohio River, McKees Rocks—also referred to as “The Rocks”—is located. However, the city is included on the list of the most dangerous cities in Pennsylvania. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

McKees Rock, also referred to as “The Rocks,” is the most dangerous city in Pennsylvania and another Pittsburgh suburb located in Allegheny County.

McKees Rocks, which has a population of just 6,000 people, has a startling crime rate of 64.09 incidents per 1,000 residents, making it 173% riskier than the average American city.

In addition, 2022 saw a total of 106 violent crimes and 262 property crimes, which is a shockingly high number given the town’s small population.

Two: Darby

Darby has the highest crime rate in America, at 48 per 1,000 residents. That’s why it is included on the list of Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania)

Another Philadelphia suburb, Darby, had 152 murders in 2021 despite having only 10,600 residents.

Property crime isn’t much better, with a 46.25 per 1,000 people rate.

When combining violent and property crimes, residents have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming victims in Darby.

Additionally, residents earn under $35,000 per year, despite being the shadow of one of the largest U.S. cities, so poverty continues to be a problem.

Three: Chester

Chester has the highest crime rate in America at 47 per 1,000 residents.(P hoto: Geographically Yours Welcome)

Chester is a southern suburb of Philadelphia, situated between Delaware and Center City, and is one of the most dangerous cities in the state.

Chester, a 32,600-person city in Delaware County, has a long history of high crime and corruption that has permeated into the present.

With 43.89 crimes for every 1,000 people, Chester has a crime rate that is 115% higher than the state average.

The median home price in the city is only $66,800, and unemployment and poverty are major problems.

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