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News equipment thefts in US pushes Press to call for safety

Chicago local reporters calls for security as News equipment thefts in US rises.

CHICAGO — News equipment thefts in the US have pushed local companies to take precautionary measures as cases of burglary on the street rise, according to Local News Union President Raza Siddiqui.

Chicago local reporters call for security as News equipment thefts in US rise.

Security Officers vs. News Equipment Thefts in US

Based on the report of, Siddiqui emphasized that news equipment thefts in US have been popular especially in the state of Chicago that there are some discussions mentioning an additional security officer.

The Local Union President said that the public service of reporters must be safeguarded as thieves and masked criminals target reporters adding up to the reported cases of News equipment thefts in the US.

Siddiqui then called upon a formal discussion with local reporters to hear their concerns as Univision Chicago was the latest victim of burglary this Monday for news equipment thefts in US.

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More Reports of News Equipment Thefts in US

Recently, The Blaze Media has reported a case of News equipment thefts in US involving two TV crews of Univision Chicago who were shooting a news segment for the Spanish network of Univision Chicago.

Univision Chiacgo then refused to name the victims for further security and thus mentioned that the gunmen took personal items and cameras that added to tallied crimes under news equipment thefts in US.

The media network Vice President Luis Godinez then mentioned the crew was safe but more cases of news equipment theft in US were also reported in the same area.

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