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Skilled Trade Jobs In-Demand for US Undergrads

Skilled Trade Jobs In-Demand for US Undergrads as of 2023

The career opportunities for local Americans who struggled financially can now maximize new data as skilled trade jobs turn in-demand for US Undergrads, according to Go Banking Rates.

Skilled Trade Jobs In-Demand for US Undergrads as of 2023.

Further Opportunities for US Undergrads

Recent reports suggest that as of 2023, over 770,000 job opportunities prove that skilled trade jobs are in-demand for US undergrads. This includes fields of carpentry, stonemasons, and other construction labor roles.

Moreover, PeopleReady Skilled Trades mentioned that the reason behind skilled trade jobs becoming in-demand for US undergrads is the increasing labor market. Where skilled trade jobs do not require further collegiate studies and are highly recruited due to the lesser number of qualifications needed.

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Paycheck for skilled trade jobs

Go Banking Rates revealed that construction workers and stonemasons can now earn an average salary of $48,000 per year in the United States. This skilled trade job matches the in-demand profiles of US undergrads.

Other skilled trade jobs turned in-demand for US  mentioned are welders, HVAC technicians, Diesel Mechanics, and Solar Photovoltaic installers. The media then mentioned that although this does not require a degree, these skilled trade jobs turn in-demand for US and require certification and vocational training.

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