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Three-Decade-Old Soviet Satellite Disintegrated After A Space Debris Collision

Three-Decade-Old Soviet Satellite Disintegrated After A Space Debris Collision |Universe Today

A Soviet satellite recently broke apart in space after colliding with space debris.

Three-Decade-Old Soviet Satellite Disintegrated After A Space Debris Collision | India Posts English

The pieces of the destroyed Soviet Satellite are now space junks.

The destroyed Soviet Satellite draws attention to the issue of space junk, which poses a threat to our future use of the space.

The said Soviet satellite that was 30 years old broke apart in space around 870 miles above Earth, probably due to being hit by space debris.

Astrophysicist and space debris expert, Jonathan McDowell, reported on Twitter the disintegration of the Soviet satellite. It remains uncertain if the disintegrated Soviet satellite was the Kosmos-2143 Soviet satellite or the Kosmos-2145 Soviet satellite.

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Will the debris of this destroyed old soviet satellite pose threats?

This destroyed Soviet Satellite brings attention to the problem in Earth’s orbit where a large number of old objects accumulated over 60 years of space exploration and utilization are now endangering new, functional satellites.

Researchers studying space sustainability are worried about old Soviet satellites and discarded rocket stages that remain at altitudes above 500 miles (800 km).

These objects pose a significant problem as they are too high to naturally descend due to Earth’s thin atmosphere. This concern is heightened because these objects like the old Soviet satellite have already been involved in multiple incidents.

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