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Prosecutors Claim That a Chicago Man Held Firefighters at Knifepoint in a Gasoline-Soaked Home

Jordan, 47, requested firefighters to extinguish a garage fire and a natural gas leak in his basement. (Photo: The Messenger)

A Chicago man is accused of luring two firefighters at Knifepoint into a gasoline-soaked home, holding them there while threatening them with a knife, and telling them “you’re not going anywhere,” before they managed to flee.

A judge revoked Jordan’s bond for a recent crime, allegedly attempting to kill two Chicago firefighters at Knifepoint, abducting them violently. (Photo: iStock)

According to WTTW News, this week, Melvin Jordan, 47, was detained and charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of unlawful use of a weapon, and two counts each of aggravated kidnapping and unlawful restraint. He was kept in custody without bond after a hearing on Friday.

Chicago firefighters at knifepoint responded to a garage fire at Jordan’s home in the 7700 block of South Marshfield Ave. in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon, according to Cook County prosecutors.

Jordan asked to speak with a chief about a gas leak in his house after the fire was put out. Jordan then invited two firefighters into his house and told them to go to the basement.

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According to the prosecution, the firefighters at Knifepoint forced Jordan to go first and watched as he used a drill to unbolt a makeshift door while they claimed they did not smell natural gas. Then, according to reports, he allegedly ran upstairs to grab an 8- to 10-inch knife.

According to the article published by CBS News, Jordan allegedly jabbed the knife toward the men as the firefighters at Knifepoint followed him up the stairs, telling them to “sit down” and “you’re not going anywhere,” before ordering them into a living room area and holding them at knifepoint, according to the prosecution.

One of the firefighters at Knifepoint radioed for assistance, but Jordan, according to the prosecution, had barricaded numerous doors at the house with deadbolt locks and two-by-fours, preventing visitors from entering.

Prosecutors claim that Jordan allegedly refused to unlock the doors and declared his desire to speak with the FBI before the firefighters were able to flee through a front window.

Eventually, Chicago police and firefighters of Knifepoint were able to break down the front door of the house, and Jordan was taken into custody inside a bathroom. They allegedly discovered a 9mm handgun on a stairwell inside and a second knife in his possession.

Prosecutors claim that officers in the house saw what they thought to be gasoline spread throughout the first floor and that the knife that Jordan allegedly used to threaten the firefighters was discovered in the kitchen.

Jordan has three prior convictions for using a weapon during an armed robbery, and a first-degree murder case is still pending. He was previously found guilty of that murder, according to the prosecution, but that judgment was overturned in 2019. Later this month, he must return to court for a hearing in that matter.

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