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Child abuse charges against Mom-Fluencer, Ruby Franke, when her child begged for food.

3 women in New Mexico
3 women in New Mexico accused of abusing and torturing an autistic woman. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

A mom-fluencer, Ruby Franke, was accused of 6 counts of aggravated child abuse charges after her child escaped their home with duct tape wrapped around her body while asking food from the nearby residents

Child Abuse Charges were formally filed against Ruby Franke, a mom-fluencer in Utah.

According to the report of  TheMessenger News, Ruby Franke, a mom-influencer in Utah who is known for managing a family-oriented YouTube channel “8 Passengers” was formally charged with 6 counts of child abuse charges after her child managed to escape from their house and asked for food in the nearby residents earlier this week.

According to the Santa Clara-Ivins Public Safety Department, as the child ran out to the neighboring houses, it had duct tape wrapped around its body. It also had open wounds and bruises and claimed to be malnourished as the child asked for food from the residents and was later sent to the hospital for proper medication. Evidence is clear that makes Ruby guilty of child abuse charges.

In another report of, authorities were alarmed and investigated the house of the mom-influencer and found out that there was another child in the same condition at Ruby Franke’s nearby residence. Four children were protected by the Department of Child and Family Services. Ruby, 41, and her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt were arrested because of the child abuse charges against them.

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The two guardians are both in the custody of Washington County Sheriff’s Department as of Friday afternoon. Franke and Hildebrandt are facing 6 counts of child abuse charges. The child abuse charges carry a potential 15-year jail term.

Ruby became famous for her parenting tips in her videos on the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel included her family appearing to be perfect with no child abuse charges.
However, her advice was criticized for putting her opinions over the wellbeing of the kids and dealing with child abuse charges.

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