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Holdout Juror Insist Rapper YNW Melly Framed On Double Murder Allegations

Holdout Juror Insist Rapper YNW Melly Framed On Double Murder Allegations|HipHopDX

A juror in the trial of rapper YNW Melly believed the rapper of being set up and claimed that the jury was influenced to cause a mistrial.

Holdout Juror Insist Rapper YNW Melly Framed On Double Murder Allegations|Mediaite

Rapper YNW Melly was on trial after double murder allegations.

An anonymous juror claims that rapper YNW Melly was not only framed but that the jury was also manipulated into declaring a mistrial.

The claims comes after a long and highly publicized double murder trial of the rapper YNW Melly for allegedly murdering two of his close friends, Anthony Williams aka YNW SakChaser and Christopher Thomas Jr., aka YNW Juvy in October of 2017.

The said juror recently talked only to the Sun Sentinel, stating strongly that she doesn’t believe the evidence shown in the trial against the rapper YNW Melly backs up the prosecution’s argument.

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The juror stated that there was strong pressure from other jurors to find rapper YNW Melly guilty, amid the lack of definite evidence.

The speaker expressed that they noticed discrepancies in the statements given by the main witnesses, suggesting that certain people intentionally wanted rapper YNW Melly to be convicted.

Rapper YNW Melly is being detained without bail at Broward Main Jail. Rapper YNW Melly’s defense lawyers have requested the judge to grant rapper YNW Melly bail as he awaits retrial, The Brunswick News reports.

A bond hearing is expected to take place later this month, with jury selection scheduled to commence on October 9th, The Brunswick News added.

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