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Suspect Accused of Murder Detained after Discharged from the Hospital

Latrenton Dealverez Washington, 36, was detained during a traffic stop and charged with murder, according to a Tuesday update from HPD. (Photo: iStock)

Richland County Deputies reported that the suspect accused of murder and other violent crimes was captured after he was discharged from the hospital.

Armed Career Criminal Charged With Life Sentence For The Murder of Somerville Football Standout|National Today

Suspect Accused of Murder was discharged

A man who was just discharged from the hospital was arrested by the Richard County Deputies as it was reported that this suspect was accused of murder and other violent crimes.

In the report published by wis news, the suspect in the name of Kenardo Bates, 31, accused of murder had been rescued by the firemen of Columbia-Richland from the water leak alarm with a lady who had been wounded. According to the deputies, Bates had been in the hospital since August 23.

The lady with the suspect who is accused of murder died from her injuries at the site and was also romantically involved with the suspect, Bates who is accused of murder on the latter.

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According to the report published by that Sheriff Leon Lott encourages everyone to be cautious and report any domestic violence occurs in which they can extend their arms. He also encourages them to a group of sympathetic Victims Assistance that helps this kind of victims. This kind of person Kernardo Bates an accused of murder should be avoided.

Bates who is accused of murder was charged with different crimes such as kidnapping, illegal possession of weapons, and committing a violent felony. Bates who was accused of murder thought he could escape by being hospitalized.

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