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Your Hands Can tell: Things to Know about your Health

There are things to know about the beneficial of your hand in your health. It was first recognized by the father of modern medicine- Hippocrates.

Things to know about your hands

In a report published by Inverse, the father of Modern medicine, Hippocrates, revealed that your hands can give you a lot about the state of your health. Clubbing, is where the nail is similar to an upside-down spoon which considered to be a sign of disease. There are also things to know about your hands. In the fifth century BC, the greek pysician described “clubbing” in a patient with empyema. It is a condition where pus fills the area between the lungs and the membrane. Nowadays, clubbing is associated with more than only empyema. It is also associated to thyroid issues, cysttic fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. These are important things to know about your hands.

Another type in nails that may indicate sickness is Lindsay’s nails. Approximately, 50 percent of the people with chronic kidney disease has Linday nails. Things to know about Lindsay Nails is that there are more than nails that are half white and half reddish brown. However, another symptom could be Behcet’s illness and cirrhosis of the liver. Another things to know about this illness are caused by inflammation of the blood vessels and it is a rare condition.

Additionally, the condition known as Terry’s nails, is a condition which one or more fingernails is the same with pulverized glass which is related to liver cirrhosis, but it can also be associated with type 2 diabetes, HIV and Kidney disease.

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According to the report published by The Guardian, another medical but a bit less like a high street bar is Muehrcke’s nails . The nail pattern signals a decline albumin and could be a sign of kidney disease. Another things to know about Muehrcke’s nails is that there are one or more horizontal lines running across the fingernails. However, the changes of nail color and pattern are normal and signs of aging. Anothe things to know is the Neopoltan nails. It has 3 distinct color zones and it is present to people over the age of 70.

Another Things to Know About

Aside from Nails, there is anothe part of the hand that reveals the truth of you health. It is your palms. These are the things to know about your palms.

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When your palms are starting to sweat even you are not feeling anxious, in a warm environment or when exercising it may be due to the wrong nerve signals that opens your sweat glands. When this is mild it can be hyperhidrosis but another things to know about your palms is that when you are seating unexplainable in your palms, face, neck and armpit it could ba sign of thyroid problems.

Another things to know about Hyperthyroidism is that too much hormone can cause bodily processes resulted to sweaty palms. Take note, another things to know is that it can be treated with Right drugs. Hyperthyroidism is when the thyroid gland in the next produce more thyroxine. Another things to know is the small patches of read and purple discoloration in the hands and palms. This signals that it might be a bacterial endocarditis. Things to know about endocarditis is an illness with a high fatality rate that causes inflmmation of the inner lining of the heart.

There are also two types of discolorations. It is Osler’s nodes and Janeway lesions. In contrast to Janeway lesions, which are irregularly shaped with different diameters and often observed on the palms and are not painful, Osler’s nodes are typically painful red 1mm–10mm colored nodules on the fingers that emerge for hours to days. Osler’s nodes can also last for a few days to a few weeks.

These palm patterns are severe and needs to get medical treatment right away.

Another things to know is the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Symptoms will be pins and needle feeling in your hand that you can’t shake off. This were the Median Nerve (Major Nerve) in wrist feeling squeezed resulting in tingling, numbness and discomfort.

The majority of the time, it gets better on its own, however a wrist splint can ease pressure on the nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome is more prevalent in overweight or pregnant people. The feeling of Pins and Needles in your hand can also be a sign of diabetes. Another thing to know is that there is a condition called “diabetic neuropathy” in which it is caused by a raised blood sugar in diabetes that can damage your nerve or you feel tingling or numbness. If you experience better to consult your doctor.

Another thing to know is that the length of your fingers can give you a sign of a certain disease.
The length of the index finger is quite different in both men and women. In women their fingers are fairly equal compared to men in which the index finger is typically long. It might be due to the exposure to hormones in womb.

Both men and women perform better in a variety of activities when their rings are longer than their index fingers, but women are also at an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis of the knee and hip due to this association.

You can’t change your finger length, however it can help you prevent osteoarthritis. Maintaining a healthy weight, staying active and managing your blood sugar levels can help you prevent majority diseases.

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