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A Damage caused by Hurricane Idalia: Christie confronts DeSantis

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie flared up after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis disregarded President Joe Biden on his visit to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia.

In this photo taken with a drone, debris from homes swept off their lots chokes a canal amid homes on stilts which remain standing, in Horseshoe Beach, Fla., Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023, one day after the passage of Hurricane Idalia. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Survey of the damage caused by hurricane

In an interview with Fox News, Christie outbursts his anger when she finds out that Go. Ron DeSantis didn’t show up during the visit of President Biden on the damage caused by the hurricane. For him, the Florida Governor must know that he should assist the president in roaming around the place, to make the president see the people, to see the damage caused by the hurricane, and what would be the steps to improve and rebuild. The Governor is doing the job but puts politics on his job which is his choice.

Christie has a personal experience with the optics of the visit from a Democratic President following a disaster. DeSantis was Christie’s opponent in the Republican presidential. During the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a storm that destroyed New Jersey in 2022, Christie greeted President Barack Obama with a warm handshake and tried to defend himself against his hug which some conservative advisers said was the reason Mitt Romney did not make it to presidential election weeks later.

In the report of Politico, the damage caused by hurricane is big. Meanwhile, Christie praised Sen. Rick Scott who showed up to meet Biden when he arrived at Live Oak on Saturday.

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In the report by The Hill, another comment from Christie about Praising Rick Scott is that as for him he is deserving of being the senator. Scott was once a governor in two terms and for her, he works as the real governor. He knows that Scott would really show up to greet and meet the president. To help the president in looking at the damage caused by the hurricane.

The DeSantis campaign did not respond to the messages and criticism of Christie. The governors claimed to be busy with the preparation and interference for the places damaged by a hurricane which resulted in not meeting.

On the other hand, Christie was being criticized for his moment with Obama. However, Christie responded on Tuesday that he had no regrets about how he welcomed Obama in 2012.

Christie told Kilmeade that he wasn’t sad about what he did in the past. He would also not change because as for him his obligations are the people who elected him and the people who faced damage caused by the hurricane. He also added that the people who elected him are those people that make up the state. He was also proud that during his time he was able to rebuild the state in a record time that was damaged by hurricane and bring tourism back the next summer.

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