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Man Convicted to 24 Years for Breaking into Cars and Manslaughter

A man was convicted of killing a 71-year-old man while breaking into cars on Wednesday at Broomfield. He was sentenced for 24 years in Jail.

A man was convicted to 24 years.

In a report announced on Wednesday at Colorado’s 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, a man was convicted for murdering a 71-year-old man while breaking into cars.

In a report by the district court, Joseph Maestas-Sanchez a 24-year-old man fatally shot 71-year-old Michael Lewis on his head while he was breaking into cars on August 25 in the Sunridge Circle area of Broomfield.

According to the report published by CBS News Colorado, while Maestes-Sanchez was breaking into cars, he was confronted by the victim which led the defendant to shoot his head and die. Lewis died at the scene after Mestas-Sanchez escaped the area.

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Maestas-Sanchez was convicted of multiple charges such as second-degree murder, first-degree breaking into cars aggravated motor vehicle theft, and criminal trespass.

In a report by Fox 31, back in April 2023, Maetas-Sanchez was tried for the same case of breaking into cars and aggravated motor vehicle theft and criminal trespass and was found guilty. However, it does not proceed to a verdict on the second-degree Murder Charge, according to the court.

According to another report by the court, the next trial on the second-degree murder charge started on August 28. After four days of trial and two days of discussion, the jury found the defendant guilty and a lesser charge of murder.

District Attorney Brian Mason commented that the defendant’s actions were insensible, awful, and shocking. The staff and the Broomfield fully supported the case of Lewis who was just watching out his community. A tragic loss after the defendants shot the victim while breaking into cars. On a challenging case with two trials, they stayed and fought for justice. He felt sorry for the bereaved family of Michael Lewis as they mourned his loss.

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Maestas-Sanchez was now behind bars on Wednesday and sentenced to 24 years. No killing and breaking into cars for him.

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