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United Auto Workers Seem Ready To Deal The U.S. Auto Industry Another Savage Blow

United Auto Workers Seem Ready To Deal The U.S. Auto Industry Another Savage Blow|CNBC

The United Auto Workers (UAW) represents nearly 400,000 active automotive workers in the US and Canada, including major manufacturers like Stellantis, Ford, and General Motors.

United Auto Workers Seem Ready To Deal The U.S. Auto Industry Another Savage Blow|PBS

Tensions are rising in negotiations between the United Auto Workers and Detroit‘s big three automakers.

There are fears of a strike when the United Auto Workers’ contract expires in September as the strike by the United Auto Workers could potentially damage the auto industry and the national economy.

The United Auto Workers is demanding a 46% increase in wages, restoration of worker pensions, and payment for 40 hours of work for only 32 hours.

GM strongly opposes the demands of the United Auto Workers, claiming they would harm their ability to keep up with manufacturing demands.

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While a strike is a real possibility, the United Auto Workers prefers to reach new contracts without resorting to a strike.

The president of United Auto Workers union plans to go on strike against any Detroit automaker that hasn’t reached a new agreement by the time their contracts expire next week, AP News reports.

Progress has been made in the negotiations, with GM set to respond to United Auto Workers ‘ economic demands and discussions underway with Ford while Stellantis has yet to make a counteroffer.

The United Auto Workers President indicates a more flexible approach, increasing the possibility of reaching an agreement with one automaker that could set a pattern for the others, AP News added.

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