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According To A Report, Broncos’ Sean Payton Told Russell Wilson He Needed To “F—ing Stop Kissing All The Babies.”

Although it's unclear when exactly Payton gave that message, Wilson, who was coming off the worst season of his career and his first in Denver, appears to have appreciated it. (Photo: BroBible)

After moving to Denver last season, Rusell Wilson had his worst season to date. The Broncos went out and acquired Sean Payton in the hopes that he could turn the franchise around after they won just five games for their sixth straight losing season. He isn’t approaching the situation with kid gloves, either.

“Will you f—ing stop kissing all the babies?” Broncos’ Sean Payton demanded, telling Wilson that to save his career, he needed to devote less time to Russell Inc. “You’re not seeking a position in government.” (Photo: The Ringer)

According to CBS Sports, Wilson was largely responsible for the negative aspects of last season, and rightfully so. The play was significantly below average, and he is the quarterback. Broncos’ Sean Payton believes the 34-year-old needs to approach games very differently, even though he does not believe his problems are solely related to his on-field performance.

Broncos’ Sean Payton gave him a direct message about it.

Will you please stop kissing every baby?”After being hired this past offseason, Broncos’ Sean Payton told Wilson, according to ESPN. “You’re not seeking a position in government.”

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By no means is Broncos’ Sean Payton’s comment arbitrary; in fact, it is exactly correct.

In his first year with the Broncos, Wilson was treated very much like a politician. The QB was given his own office and workspace in the team facility, and he brought his people separate from Denver’s staff to work with him, according to a report from The Athletic earlier this year.

Last season, Wilson recorded career lows in both touchdown passes (16) and QB rating (38.7).

It’s no secret that Wilson has always seen himself as much more than just an NFL quarterback and has carried himself accordingly. Because the Seattle Seahawks were consistently winning football games, his businessman approach wasn’t as much of a problem; however, when you’re losing, that stuff quickly gets stale.

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