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Alabama Grocery Tax Reduction and Refund in 2023

The Alabama grocery tax is now in effect but the payers will only pay less on the grocey stores because the legislations only reduces 1% for state tax and food items are subject to local slaes taxes.

Alabama Grocery Tax in effect

Gov. Kay Ivey Said that she is hopeful that the legislature will lessen the sales tax on some food items that will be felt by Alabama families. Earlier this summer the legislation finalized the tax reduction. Alabama Grocery Tax will also be affected.

The state is thinking of reducing the portion of the grocery tax next year but it is not yet assured. However, taxpayers are hopeful that Alabama Tax rebate checks will help them lessen their taxes and will start this coming autumn. This will help some of the taxpayers. Hopefully, the Alabama Grocery tax will also be reduced.

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Alabama Grocery Tax

According to the published report of Kiplinger, the state of Alabama was the only state among 13 states that still have tax groceries. It is expected that before September 1, the Alabama grocery tax will be a 4% sales tax rate.

The new law confirms the 3% tax on certain food items in August 2024. This means, that the shoppers can save $1 for every $100 spent on groceries. However, there are still items that do not qualify for the Alabama grocery tax reduction. Here are some items that have 4% tax:

Pet Foods
Household items (Such as toilet paper, and laundry detergent)
Any Prepared foods (warmed pizza etc.)
Personal care items (Shampoo, conditioner)

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According to the Tax Foundation Alabama residents will still pay applicable state and local Alabama grocery taxes that might reach up to 7.5% in some areas of the state. This means that despite the reduced Alabama grocery tax, shoppers will pay a 10.5% tax on some grocery items (or $105 in taxes for every $1,000 spent on groceries).

Is Alabama plans to remove the grocery tax?

In the report of  The Cullman Times, this is not yet decided or clear if the Alabama grocery tax reduction will happen in September 2024. If this happens, the Alabama grocery tax will drop to 1% which reduces the sales tax for food by 2%. However, the tax reduction will depend on tax revenue for the state’s Education Trust Fund. If this fund does not grow to 3.5% from the previous fiscal year, the additional Alabama grocery tax reduction will not happen.

Shoppers will stay pay for local tax food items even though the Alabama grocery tax cut will be effective in 2024. These are some of the computations of how much Alabamians would pay in taxes in the highest-taxed cities even though there is a 2% reduction in grocery tax in the state.

$9.50 on every $100 grocery purchase
$95 on every $1,000 spent on groceries
Approximately $895.28 per year (based on average yearly grocery costs for middle-class families as previously reported by Kiplinger).

Privileged to the residents from lower-taxed because they will pay less on groceries but if the additional tax reduction will not happen on 2024, the Alabamians will pay even more than the amount listed above.

Tax relief check for Alabama in 2023

Even though the Alabama Grocery tax reduction will only provide less relief to residents, more relief is on the way for the Alabama Taxpayers. During this fall, qualified Alabamians will enjoy Income tax rebate checks which is up to $300 ($150 for single filers). The requirements to be qualified for the Alabama rebate check taxpayers are listed below.
You must have filed a personal Alabama income tax return for the 2021 tax year.
You cannot have been claimed as a dependent on a tax return for the 2021 tax year.
Estates and trusts do not qualify for a tax relief check.

If you owe a rebate payment, a deposit could arrive in your account as soon as November 30, 2023. Taxpayers who failed to include a bank account on their 2021 tax return will receive a paper check in the mail for their refund amount.

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