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Robert Kraft Will Waive The Waiting Period So That Tom Brady Can Enter The Patriots Hall of Fame in 2024

Since the current Patriots Hall of Fame rules were established in 2007, Brady is the first player to have the four-year wait period waived. (Photo: The Ringer)

One of the most recurring scenes in the NFL for almost 20 years was Tom Brady running around in his No. 12 New England Patriots jersey, energizing the crowd at Gillette Stadium.

Kraft waives the four-year waiting period and declares that the first Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place inside Gillette Stadium on June 12, 24. (Photo: Deposit Photos)

According to USA Today, Brady acted out the scene once more on Sunday while he watched the Patriots’ home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. This time, he didn’t wear any protective gear. Brady was honored by the organization during the intermission, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft declared that Brady would be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on June 12, 2024.

The customary four-year waiting period for players to enter their annals of history is being waived, according to Kraft so that Tom Brady can enter the Patriots Hall of Fame. Additionally, the date (6/12/24) has significance because Brady, who wore No. 12, won six of his seven Super Bowls in New England during his 20-season stay with the team.

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Brady, who played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his final three seasons, declared, “One thing that will never change: I am a Patriot for life.” With that team, he played in his seventh and final Super Bowl.

According to Kraft, this is the first time the team has hosted a Patriots Hall of Fame induction in the stadium.

Brady jokingly said, “That runout was a little longer than it used to be.”

Brady was a three-time league MVP and won four Super Bowl MVP awards while playing for the Patriots. Brady is the all-time NFL leader in wins (251), Pro Bowls (15), completions (7,753), passing yards (89,214), and passing touchdowns (649), in addition to several postseason records.

Brady’s next stop on the honors tour will be Canton, Ohio after the induction in June, though he will have to wait five years like everyone else.

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