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Sexual Assault Claims at JFK Stirs Up Internal Investigation

A sexual assault claims by the WWE wrestling star, Matt Riddle, as he was allegedly assaulted by an airport cop.

Sexual Assault Claims by Riddle

Matt Riddle claimed sexual assault against the NYC Airport cop during their confrontation. However when he wants to evoke his claim, an investigation has just started.

In a report by TMZ, a sexual assault claims by the WWE Wrestling star on Sunday. Riddle posted a photo on his Instagram with a catching caption of how the Port Authority police officer at JFK molested him. He claimed that he was touched inappropriately by the cop and didn’t give more details.

A sexual assault claims by Riddle as he was stopping the officer by saying “no” but alleges the officer proceeded on something that reached his limits. However, the IG post was deleted.


What would be the true incident, according to law enforcement officials the Port Authority cops received a call about a disruptive passenger who was boarding and saw him at the airport. It turns out that it was Riddle. The sexual assault claims are now under investigation. Riddle is now facing the consequences of his actions.

The police officer talked to MR and other witnesses he seemed regretful to his action. Other passengers disregarded the incident and did not call the police. So they are free to go. They are trying to settle the incident.

In another report published by the Port Authority was dismayed about the actions of Riddle. The sexual assault claims of riddle stir up the issue that flares up the Port Authority. For them, they will not issue a warrant about the accusation but this incident will not be disregarded and should be taken proper consideration to address the issue. The department is taking him seriously and will come up with an investigation.

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The last message of Riddle about the incident is that he was devastated and would leave the JFK and never go back. The sexual assault claims of Riddle push him to have a bad image and will now face circumstances. The confrontation was reported first by the Ring Side News.

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