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Lottery Winner Scam: Crooks Poses As Lottery Winners And Donating Their ‘Winnings’

Lottery Winner Scam: Crooks Poses As Lottery Winners And Donating Their ‘Winnings’| Snapped and Scribbled

A ‘Let Joe Know’ viewer named Marna received a suspicious message claiming to be from a Powerball jackpot winner named Becky Bell who wants to donate money.

Lottery Winner Scam: Crooks Poses As Lottery Winners And Donating Their ‘Winnings’|KMTV

The lottery winner scam message asked Marna to text a given number with a specific code to claim the money.

However, Todd Terrell, Deputy Director of the Security and Regulatory Division at the Arizona Lottery, warns that this is likely a lottery winner scam.

Lottery winner scam crooks use real lottery winners’ names and create social media accounts in order to trick lottery winner scam victims into sharing their personal or financial information.

While there is a real Becky Bell who won the Powerball in Washington, she is not the one contacting Marna proving that it was likely a lottery winner scam.

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Terrell advises to be cautious of any scams like the lottery winner scam.

The Arizona Lottery will never ask for personal or banking information, and if you receive a suspicious message linked to the lottery winner scam, it should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

It is unfortunate that scammers often try to take advantage of lottery winners and unsuspecting individuals through the lottery winner scam.

It is important for everyone to remain vigilant and cautious when it comes to sharing personal or banking information to avoid getting victimized by scammers and their modus operandi like the lottery winner scam.

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