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Criminal Justice Leaders interest on Bond Issues

Criminal justice leaders are concerned about the growing issue on the system in Brown County.

Criminal Justice leaders concern in bond

People from jail because of bond frequently commit crimes. The Brown County Supervisors are confused if the tool that the court commissioners in determining bond is in use. The tool that was used by the Brown County Court Commissioners is called public safety assessment. It will consider many factors such as person’s risk of re-offending and failure to show-up to future hearings.

In a report by, Keith Deneys, the Brown County supervior said that the commissioners has all the access for the person’s information. However they are expecting that the public safety assessment tool is supposed to give them a better opportunity to know if the peroson is reoffending. These are the measures that the criminal justice leaders are considering.

As supervisor Deneys is carefully examining the public safety assessment, he saw missing details that he believes can help the commissioners. Criminal justice leaders are looking into this issue.

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Deneys described the tool in which it shows a pending case but it doesn’t show the count of how many pending charges of the person. Deney’s questioned whether they get enough information to make the best bond decisions.

Deneys, one of the criminal justice leaders, questioned if the system would give appropriate evaluation to an individual in fron of the commisioner. He questioned the tool if it it gives best assessment and the proper bond amounts to be set for the safety of the people.

Deneys said that this is one of the issue that needs to be addressed by the criminal justice leaders.

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According to the report by newsbreak, they are also looking into reassessing the bond system. The criminal justice leaders are also concern on the shortage of workforce that might create more delays. It could increase the workloads of the public defenders. This is not a problem for a person facing a criminal charge but it also affects the victims who are waiting for justice. This can also lead to overcrowd jails. Also, Brown County is now shipping inmates to different countries.

Deneys, one of the criminal justice leaders are comparing the system to an old onion analogy. They are peeling the layers but there will always be an issue that rises but they will deal all the issues at once.

Deneys is one of the keyplayers of Criminal Justice Coordinating Board that looks into the assessment tool and its adjustment. A private meeting is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

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