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New COVID-19 Boosters Anticipated This Week as Hospitalizations Continue to Rise for Two Consecutive Months

Photo: BOP

In a disconcerting trend, COVID-19 hospitalizations have crept up by nearly 9% during the most recent week, marking the eighth consecutive week of increasing admissions, as per data furnished by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

New COVID-19 Boosters Anticipated This Week as Hospitalizations Continue to Rise for Two Consecutive Months (Photo: Atlanta Jewish Times)

New COVID-19 Boosters on the Horizon

In a recent report featured by ABC News, in September 12, 2023, the most recent week witnessed the smallest percentage increase in the past two months, according to the CDC data. “While we continue to see increases in hospitalization, the rate of increase is showing signs of a slowing. This is welcome, though not surprising, news as we head into the fall,” observed John Brownstein, Ph.D., chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News Medical Contributor.

The surge in hospitalizations coincides with the recent FDA approval and authorization of updated new COVID-19 boosters  designed to provide additional protection against the current variants. An independent advisory panel from the CDC is convening to offer recommendations on who should be eligible for these new boosters, with CDC director approval expected shortly after.

New COVID-19 boosters are poised to become available later this week, with increased supply anticipated in the following week as retailers and pharmacies receive deliveries. “The availability of boosters in the coming week, alongside broad population immunity, further suggests we are far from COVID of years past,” Brownstein remarked.

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Enhancing Immunity Amidst Variants

According to the data released by Everyday Health, vaccine manufacturers indicates that the updated new COVID-19 boosters hold strong against all the omicron sub-variants currently circulating. “Early data suggests a strong match between these new vaccines and emerging variants, offering encouraging news for those looking to enhance their immunity this fall,” stated Brownstein. While nearly 97% of Americans are expected to have some form of underlying immunity from COVID, additional protection remains crucial for those most at risk, including the elderly and immune-compromised individuals. “The new COVID-19 boosters mark a new phase in the ongoing effort to stay ahead of the ever-changing SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The added protection is particularly relevant for older individuals and those with underlying chronic conditions,” Brownstein emphasized. As the rollout of these new COVID-19 boosters nears, the website is set to be updated in the coming days to provide information on where shots will be available near you, ushering in a renewed phase of hope in the battle against COVID-19.

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