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US-made Bradley Fighting Vehicles Prove ‘Invaluable’ for Ukrainian Soldiers in Nighttime Offensives Outshining Daylight Visibility: Says Troop


In the heart of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, one formidable ally has proven invaluable for Ukrainian soldiers in their relentless struggle for survival and territorial integrity. The Bradley Fighting Vehicle, proudly made in the United States, has emerged as a game-changer for Ukrainian forces during their nighttime operations.

US-made Bradley Fighting Vehicles Prove ‘Invaluable’ for Ukrainian Soldiers in Nighttime Offensives Outshining Daylight Visibility: Says Troop (Photo: Defence Blog)

Bradley Fighting Vehicles in Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

According to the recent report published by the Yahoo News, in September 15, 2023, as Ukraine’s brave soldiers continue their arduous counteroffensive against Russian forces, the US-made Bradley Fighting Vehicles have become the backbone of their operations. These armored transports, known for their robustness and resilience, have played a pivotal role in safeguarding Ukrainian troops.

In a conflict marked by constant threats, the Bradleys have stood as a stark contrast to Ukraine’s aging Soviet-era troop carriers, proving to be a lifeline for soldiers in dire situations.  The Bradley Fighting Vehicle, originally designed as a response to Soviet infantry vehicles, has a rich history dating back to the 1980s. It first saw action during the Gulf War and has since demonstrated its lethality and effectiveness in various conflicts.

The US decision to provide Bradleys to Ukraine earlier this year marked a significant development in the ongoing conflict, reinforcing Ukraine’s armor capabilities. Despite the high praise from Ukrainian soldiers, these vehicles are not impervious to Russia’s formidable defenses, with some having fallen victim to relentless artillery.

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Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Numbers

In a recent development featured by the Business Insider, the US has pledged a total of 186 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine, part of the substantial security assistance provided by the Biden administration. However, as the conflict rages on, these assets have faced their share of challenges. Open-source intelligence data reveals that 53 of the provided Bradley Fighting Vehicle have been destroyed, damaged, or abandoned during the intense fighting.

Despite these setbacks, none of the vehicles appear to have fallen into Russian hands, and Ukrainian crews have displayed remarkable resilience by repairing some to return to combat. This article delves into the impact and challenges faced by the Bradley Fighting Vehicle program in Ukraine and its enduring significance in the ongoing conflict.

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