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Breath Test Refusal Leads to Arrest of Cavaliers President Koby Altman on Impaired Driving Charges; Says Police

Photo: Fear the Sword

Koby Altman, the esteemed President of Basketball Operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers,  suspected to breath test refusal and found himself in a predicament that no one expected.

Breath Test Refusal Leads to Arrest of Cavaliers President Koby Altman on Impaired Driving Charges; Says Police (Photo: ESPN)

Cavs React to Altman’s Breath Test Refusal

According to the recent report published by the FOX News, in September 16, 2023, Cleveland Cavaliers’ President of Basketball Operations, Koby Altman, found himself in the midst of a legal ordeal as he was arrested in Ohio on Friday night on charges related to impaired driving. The arrest came after Altman’s 2022 Lexus was observed after breath test refusal and committing a traffic violation while on Route 2 in Cleveland. The subsequent traffic stop revealed “indicators of impairment,” leading to his arrest on charges of operating a vehicle while impaired and committing a marked lanes violation. Notably, Altman is shay with breath test refusal during the encounter.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, following Koby Altman’s arrest, issued a concise statement acknowledging the incident. The team expressed awareness of the situation and indicated that they were in the process of gathering more information. The statement emphasized that no further comments would be made at that time.

It’s a significant moment for the franchise, which had seen improvements under Altman’s leadership, achieving 51 wins and making their return to the NBA playoffs after a four-year absence last season. Altman’s dubious  breath test refusal could potentially have far-reaching consequences for both him and the team, as the legal process unfolds.

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Koby Altman’s Career and the Implications of His Arrest

In a recent news released by The Athletic, Koby Altman’s arrest for breath test refusal  is a startling turn of events for the successful executive who had been a key figure in the Cavaliers’ resurgence in recent years. Altman, who finished second in NBA Executive of the Year voting in the previous season, had been promoted to the role of general manager of the Cavs in 2017.

His arrest for breath test refusal brings into question not only his personal future but also the impact it could have on the Cleveland Cavaliers, who had been on an upward trajectory under his leadership. As the legal proceedings continue, the NBA and the Cavaliers’ faithful are keenly watching for developments in this unexpected and potentially franchise-altering situation.

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