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China Defense Minister was Investigated after Replacing 2 Senior Military Commanders

A report by the New York Times that the Chinese defense minister has not been seen in public for more than 2 weeks. US officials said that LI was under investigation.

China defense minister under investigation

A report by The New Tork Times that the China Defense minister, General Li Shangfu is now on investigation and has not been in public for two weeks already. The China defense minister was accused of corruption over the procurement of military equipment.

In a report by Yahoo News, US officials said that the China Defense minister, General LI was under investigation and said to be removed on his position after he was taken by the authorities for questioning last week according to The Wall Street Journal.

2 sources told Reuters that the China Defense Minister, General Li, was accused of corruption in the procuring of military equipment. Also, eight officials were also under investigation. These officials were under the custody of the China Defense Minister, General Li from 2017 to 22.

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In another report published by Reddit, China Defense Minister, LI was the latest of unexplainable disappearance of high-ranking China officials who had not been in public for two weeks. New York Times reported that the same case of Foreign Minister Qin Gang who vanished in public view in the month of June was replaced by Wang Yi in the month of July.

It was two months after Xi Jinping, China’s President, replaced his two senior military commanders who were in charge of the country’s nuclear arsenal.

According to a US official who spoke to The Journal, General Li’s firing was a sign that Xi’s multiyear initiative to modernize China’s military was having difficulties.

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According to an expert on the Chinese Military from the Institute of the National Defense and Security Research, a Taiwan-funded think-tank, Su Tzu-yun, the investigation signaled a loss of face for Xi Jinping who appointed General Li as China Defense Minister to the post in March.

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