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Freedom-Variant Littoral Combat Ship USS Marinette Officially Commissions the Wright Way

Photo: Navy Times

In a momentous ceremony held in Menominee, Michigan, on September 16, 2023, the United States Navy proudly commissioned its latest addition to the formidable Freedom-variant littoral combat ship fleet – the USS Marinette (LCS 25).

Freedom-Variant Littoral Combat Ship USS Marinette Officially Commissions the Wright Way (Photo: The National Interest)

A Proud Moment for Marinette and the Nation

In a recent report featured by DVIDS, in September 16, 2023, the commissioning of the USS Marinette symbolizes not only the Navy’s commitment to its littoral combat ship program but also the deep-rooted connection between the ship and the city of Marinette, Wisconsin. Mayor Steve Genisot’s heartfelt words underlined the sense of pride and responsibility that this Freedom-variant littoral combat ship carries with it. The ceremony’s guest speakers, including U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher and littoral combat ship’s sponsor Jennifer Granholm, reinforced the significance of the occasion.

It  explores the rich history and enduring partnership between Marinette and the U.S. Navy, as well as the littoral combat ship’s role in safeguarding American interests in near-shore environments. Crafted by Lockheed Martin and Fincantieri Marinette Marine, the USS Marinette showcases the pinnacle of naval engineering and innovation. Authorized in 2016 and christened in 2021, this Freedom-variant littoral combat ship boasts impressive capabilities, designed to counter a range of threats, from mines to submarines.

With its agility, mission-focused design, and commitment to upholding the spirit of its namesake city, the USS Marinette represents a beacon of strength and deterrence in today’s complex maritime landscape. It delves into the littoral combat ship’s technical prowess, its crew’s dedication, and its role in the Navy’s mission to maintain peace and security in near-shore and open-ocean environments.

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A Unique Tribute: USS Marinette and Its Namesake City

According to the report published by WBAY, the USS Marinette holds the distinction of being the first U.S. Navy littoral combat ship to bear the name of Marinette, Wisconsin, and the only Navy vessel to be both built and commissioned in its namesake city. This unique connection between ship and community fosters a sense of shared destiny and purpose.

As the USS Marinette embarks on its missions across the globe, it carries not only the weight of national security but also the spirit of Marinette, a city deeply intertwined with its maritime legacy. This  explores the special bond between the littoral combat ship and its namesake city, highlighting the pride and unity that make this Freedom-variant littoral combat ship truly exceptional.

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