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The One Armed Man accused of impersonating the U.S Marshal

The one armed man was accused of impersonating a U.S. marshal and was taken into custody at a Robert Kennedy Jr. campaign

The one armed man

In a report by Abc News, The one armed man who was impersonating a U.S. Marshal was taken into custody during the Robert Kennedy Jr. campaign on Friday in Los Angeles according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

In an interview with an LAPD spokesperson on ABC News that the one armed man was spotted with a loaded gun in a shoulder holster and a badge stating that he was part of the U.S Marshal. A reporting man reported it around 4;30pm. after the call, the LAPD officers arrived shortly and arrested the man. FBI was also present on the scene. The LAPD said that the one armed man did not use the gun or harass somebody.

The identified was Adrian Paul Aispuro, 44 years old, according to the story of ABC News Aispuro was now in the custody of Los Angeles with $35,000 bail for a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

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Aispuro was approached by a private security team before Kennedy’s address on Friday night, according to a statement released by the campaign on Saturday afternoon. Aispuro maintained that he was a member of the candidate’s security detail and requested to be transported to Kennedy “immediately.”

In another report from The Washington Post, LAPD also confirmed that another man allegedly came with the one armed man to the Event. However, LAPD doesn’t have any information on the second man. The police department remains the lead agency that handles the case.

Following an unusually early request from Kennedy’s campaign, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and a bipartisan committee rejected Kennedy’s request for Secret Service security in July. Kennedy claimed that his request “included a 67-page report…detailing unique and well-established security and safety risks aside from the usual death threat” at the time.

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On the claim of the issue about the impersonator, Kennedy, whose father and uncle were both assassinated said on Friday that he first presidential candidate who was declined on his request of SEcret service.

Once these conditions are satisfied, the secretary of Homeland Security evaluates candidates for Secret Service protection in consultation with an advisory committee and one extra member chosen by the committee’s other members — typically from the Secret Service.

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