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A Meeting of the Minds: Biden Team having Talks with Chinese Officials

Secretary of State Antony Blinken met the Senior Chinese Official about their seek to establish a floor for a fraught with the communist power. This is one of the programs of President Joe Biden. This is a meeting of minds.

A meeting of the Minds

In a report by Washington Examiner, a meeting of the minds take place two days ago after White House National Security, Jake Sullivan, talked with China’s top foreign policy official, Wang Yi. As the Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping did not attend the gathering and Wang prioritized his trip to Moscow. However, a meeting of the two minds pushed to have a rushed interaction between the two administrators.

“The two sides discussed key issues in the U.S.-China bilateral relationship, global and regional security issues, Russia’s war against Ukraine, and cross-Strait issues, among other topics,” Sullivan’s staff reported in a summary of their Saturday discussion. “The United States noted the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The two sides committed to maintaining this strategic channel of communication and to pursue additional high-level engagement and consultations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China in key areas in the coming months.” This is how a meeting of the minds went.

In another report by The Gazette, Sullivan’s trip to Beijing was a renewal of the possibility of having a meeting of the minds this coming fall. They are worried that the hope of the Xi-Biden meeting has been dashed. Professor Wang Yiwei, Renmin University, told the South China Morning Post that their conversation is purposely to lay a foundation for a meeting of the minds.

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Biden and Xi could have a meeting in November during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco if Xi attends the forum however the absence of Biden during the G20 summit in India gives a doubt on his interest in a meeting of the minds. A Chinese intelligence agency sent a signal in early September that the United States must show sincerity and persuade Xi to make the trip.

According to one Chinese official, the world needs stable US-China relations because it can benefit all the countries around the fall. Last year, President Xi had a very successful conversation during a meeting of the minds in Bali and discussed a lot of important matters. They point in the right direction of the relations. However, the China-U.S today faces great challenges and difficulties and they need a meeting of the minds to solve the problem. They need to display both sincerity and effort and meet each other halfway.

Parallel to this, military operations by Chinese Communist forces around Taiwan, the island democracy that Beijing wants to govern, have stepped up in size and frequency.

After former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited Taipei last year, Chinese officials abolished the unofficial line that had divided the Taiwan Strait for many years. For its part, the United States continues to have cordial unofficial ties with its former treaty ally, which have recently been strengthened by a chorus of statements from Vice President Biden and other democratic leaders warning that a conflict over Taiwan would have dire repercussions. They need to really have a meeting of the minds.

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