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African Military Coups Draw Strong Condemnation from Biden Who Supports ECOWAS Intervention

Photo: Punch Newspapers

In a passionate address to the 78th United Nations General Assembly, President Joe Biden of the United States took a firm stand against the rise of African military coups, reaffirming his country’s unwavering commitment to democracy worldwide.

African Military Coups Draw Strong Condemnation from Biden Who Supports ECOWAS Intervention (Photo: RFI)

International Outcry Over Niger Coup

According to the recent report published by the Punch Newspapers, in September 19, 2023, the President’s speech highlighted his support for actions taken by regional bodies, notably the African military coups or the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to pressure military juntas across West and Central Africa. Amidst this global concern, Biden underscored the urgency of defending democratic values and institutions, with a focus on the recent unconstitutional takeover in Niger.

President Biden used his platform at the United Nations to join the chorus of condemnation against the African military coups in Niger. This unconstitutional seizure of power in July 2023 ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, prompting swift global disapproval from the United Nations, the United Kingdom, France, and key regional entities like the African Union and ECOWAS.

The African military coups Niger crisis has escalated to a point where ECOWAS had to contemplate deploying a standby army to restore democracy after multiple failed negotiations with the junta, raising concerns about stability in the region.

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Biden’s Call for Democracy and Global Engagement

In a recent development released by Vanguard News, beyond addressing the African military coups, President Biden’s speech covered a range of global issues. He emphasized the importance of democracy as a tool to confront humanity’s pressing challenges and expressed unwavering support for African regional organizations in their efforts to uphold constitutional rule.

Additionally, Biden advocated for collective action on climate change and the responsible development of Artificial Intelligence technology. He denounced the Russian war in Ukraine and urged the expansion of the United Nations Security Council to ensure a more equitable response to global challenges, especially for developing nations.

President Biden’s stance on African military coups underscores the growing international concern over the erosion of democracy in the region. His call for a united front against such African military coups aligns with his administration’s commitment to defending democratic principles globally, setting the stage for potential diplomatic efforts to address the crisis in Niger and beyond.

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