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Chinese Blockade of Taiwan will NOT Succeed

According to a report by Pentagon Officials the Chinese Blockade of Taiwan will not succeed and there will be a direct military invasion of the island that will make Beijing not carry out successfully.

Chinese Blockade of Taiwan

In past years the China Military stepped up on their self-governing in Taiwan which Beijing regards its territory with Taiwan to be reunited but Taiwan rejects the China sovereignity claims.

William Burns, US Central Intelligence Agency director said that Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed his Country’s armed forces that they will invade by 2027. This is the start of Chinese blockade of Taiwan. However, the plan for Chinese blockade of Taiwan or take Taiwan by force or invasion is not yet clear.

In a report by The Straits Times, Mr. Ely Ratner, US assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs, that the Chinese blockade of Taiwan will give the Taiwan allies to prepare resources for Taiwan. Also, the chinese blockade of Taiwan will have a big impact on the economy for it will be hard for international resolve against Beijing, he added.

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According to Army Major-General Joseph McGee, vice-director for strategy, the plans and policy of the Pentagon’s Joint Staff that the Chinese blockade of Taiwan will not likely be a challenge involved.

In another report by Channel News Asia, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry reported last week that China was boosting its air capability along the coast facing Taiwan by deploying additional fighters and drones at expanded air sites on a permanent basis. It is also another way of Chinese blockade of Taiwan.

Nevertheless, Maj-Gen McGee said that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China would struggle to launch a frontal, amphibious attack of the island. He claimed that it would be unable to accomplish that during a surprise attack.

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