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Reno Police Department Faces Lawsuit as Man Claims Unsafe Arrest During Filming of Officer

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Walter England, a Nevada resident, has taken legal action against the Reno Police Department, alleging he was unlawfully arrested on August 22. The incident unfolded when England began filming Reno police officers while they were investigating a downtown crime scene.

Reno Police Department Faces Lawsuit as Man Claims Unsafe Arrest During Filming of Officer (Photo: The Press Democrat)

Filming an Investigation Lands Nevada Man in Legal Battle with Reno Police

In a recent report published by KCRG, in September 20, 2023, a startling turn of events, a Nevada man, Walter England, has taken legal action against the Reno Police Department following an incident on August 22 that left him feeling wronged and unsafe. England, who was merely exercising his right to film police officers from Reno Police Department during an investigation, claims he was unlawfully arrested. This incident, now under the scrutiny of the courts, raises questions about the boundaries of public accountability and the responsibilities of law enforcement.

Walter England’s evening stroll through downtown Reno took an unexpected and troubling turn when he came across a police investigation. Seeking to document the Reno Police Department officers’ activities, he approached two police vehicles, each occupied by an officer. Officer Gautier, in the first vehicle, greeted England amicably. However, the encounter with Officer Hoyt in the second car took a drastic turn. After a brief exchange, Hoyt asked England to step away, citing a personal call.

Moments later, tensions escalated, resulting in England’s arrest for allegedly interfering with the investigation of Reno Police Department. This incident has ignited a legal battle, raising fundamental questions about citizens’ rights to monitor law enforcement.

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Navigating the Legal Landscape: The Right to Film Police in Nevada

According to the news reported by KKTV, under Nevada law, individuals have the right to film police officers as long as they do so from public property and do not obstruct ongoing investigations. This legal protection is designed to ensure transparency and accountability in law enforcement. Walter England, the founder of Sacramento Crimewatch YouTube channel, has made it his mission to exercise this right. He captures interactions with law enforcement of Reno Police Department and public servants, aiming to prevent abuse and misconduct.

His lawsuit against the Reno Police Department now brings to the forefront a crucial debate about the balance between public accountability and law enforcement’s duties. As this legal battle unfolds, it remains to be seen how it might influence the rights and responsibilities of citizens and police officers alike.

This lawsuit against the Reno Police Department serves as a stark reminder that the intersection of technology and civil liberties continues to be a contentious issue in contemporary society. While the legal proceedings progress, many will watch closely, wondering whether this case will set a precedent for the right to film police officers in the digital age. Representatives from the Reno Police Department have remained tight-lipped about the incident, leaving the public eager to learn more about their stance on this matter.

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