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: A Thief Steals 240 Pound Buddha Statue in LA Art Gallery using Loading Truck

Police was looking for a brazen thief who stole a Buddha Statue in LA Art Gallery. It was a prized artifact loaded into a truck.

LA Art Gallery Issue

In just 25 minutes, a thief stole a 250-pound Buddha statue in LA Art Gallery. The culprit parked a truck outside the LA Art Gallery then snuck the Buddha statue that was tucked in the backyard. Using a Dolly, he then brought the statue from the LA Art Gallery back out to the rental truck. This was according to the Los Angeles Times.

Some of the footage during the break-ins at the LA Art Gallery which took place last September 18, was captured by the LA Art Gallery surveillance cameras.

In the report of TheMessenger News, the LA Art Gallery owner, Fayez Barakat, was devastated at the loss of his $1.5 million statue that he owned for more than half of the century. It was one of the great losses of the LA Art Gallery.

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The statue was constructed in Japan during the Edo Period (1603–1867). It may have been designed to be the focal point of a temple.

I another report published by the New York Post, He was in great dismayed because the artifact was rare. The Statue in LA Art Gallery was four feet tall, it has hollow cast bronze and is a stunning piece. They feel shocked that one of the artifacts in the LA Art Gallery was missing.

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As they looked at some of the artifacts in the LA Art Gallery, the thief seemed to be interested in the Buddha Statue in LA Art Gallery. The thief ignores other artifacts before reaching the statue. There were no other objects lost in the LA Art Gallery.

Henderson thinks that the uniqueness of the Buddha Statue of the LA Art Gallery would make it the thief to resell the object.

Los Angeles police are continuing to analyze surveillance footage of the LA Art Gallery and ask anyone with information about the break-in to contact them.

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